Welcome to the Healthvoice. We’re here to talk about Diverse writing stuff based on health and others. 
Possibly sip some About Love and how it mostly be amongst Human. 

Definitely ingest some form of chocolate. You know what? Forget the gum. These pages are intended as a dry run for that writing book I keep promising to write. The idea is that each of these pages would be the first page of a section of essays and exercises on that topic. Should only take me about a thousand years.

 In the meantime, you get units with general writing instruction ending with topics specifically on writing romance. (If you haven’t noticed, most stories in all genres have a romance in them somewhere. Very popular subplot. Very difficult to write.) 

 There are general content pages that list all the posts on that topic, if you’re focusing on one aspect. Like Conflict. Or Structure. (More to come.) Or you can start at the beginning and just scroll through. Whatever works for you.


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